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Center for the Arts
The Art Association of Jackson Hole is dedicated to encouraging a vital, creative community by providing everyone with exposure to, education in and enjoyment
of a wide variety of art experiences.
The Art Association has made art a vital part of creative life in Jackson Hole for
over 50 years. People participating in our programs include children, adults,
teachers, artists, people interested in contemporary art, families, teachers, and
other non-profits. The Art Association continues to gain a national audience through strategic web marketing of its dynamic summer workshop offerings, large summer
art fairs, and contemporary art exhibition program. The Art Association is located at
240 S. Glenwood St. in Jackson WY

Molly Lavelle
General Manager
Alison Brush
Director, Development & Community Relations
Amy Fradley
Director, Art Fair & Events
Emily Boespflug
Manager, Painting Drawing & Printmaking & Youth
Benjamin Carlson
Design & Marketing
Abby Doria
Coordinator, Outreach
& Volunteers
Sam Dowd
Manager, Ceramics,
Multi-Purpose & Silversmithing
Thomas Macker
Manager, Photography
& Gallery Director
Eve Throop
Manager, Finance

Board of Directors
Steve Malashock Chair
Linda MacGregor Vice Chair
Dave Muskat, Treasurer & Secretary
Mary Armour
Sue Cedarholm
Dwayne Harty
Katrina Ryan
Craig Schwender
Mark Tarrant

Advisory Council
James McNutt Chair
Joan Baldwin
Agnes Bourne
Bland Hoke, Jr.
Fred Kingwill
Todd Kosharek
Rosanna Mitchell
Ann Nelson

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