Youth Classes

Winter / Spring Digital Catalog

Parents, please note there will be no regularly scheduled classes February 19, March 26 – April 6 or May 28.

The Activity Bus drops of at The Center for the Arts around 3:15pm.

Students will be greeted and escorted by a staff member to their 3:45pm classes. 

Grades 6 - 9

Audiovisual Computer Programming

Grades 6-9

Aug 21 - 25 | MON - FRI | 10:00AM - 3:00PM

$250 Members
$300 Non-Members


Grove Miller
Joe Rudd

Budding Musician? Visual Artist? Photographer? Into film-scoring, videography or DJ/VJ? If you use computer somewhere in your work-flow you're probably familiar with mainstream software like Adobe, Pro Tools, Final Cut, Logic, etc. however, this class will focus on the incredibly in-depth and powerful audiovisual production suite Max 7 ( Take your digital chops to the next level by designing custom control interfaces for iPads/multi-touch tablets, AV-effects processors, light shows for stage/theater, and limitless innovative tools to both facilitate your interactions with the software that's already familiar to you and inspire you to move in entirely new creative directions!

No prior experience necessary.

We will provide all the software/hardware you need but you are encouraged to bring any devices you have at home so we can work on having them talk to Max!