Youth Classes

Grades K - 2

Creative Construction

Grades K-2

Jul 31 - Aug 04 | MON - FRI | 9:00AM - 3:00PM

$235 Members
$282 Non-Members
Per day $50 Members | $60 Non-Members


Multi-Purpose Studio

Monday: In the Garden - Build gnome & fairy houses with painted rock mosaics, natural found object landscaping and more!

Tuesday: Art Bots - Design your own funky “junk-yard” robot complete with a story to share about how he or she came to be.

Wednesday: Shake, Shake, Boom-Shaka - It’s all about sound and rhythm when you make colorful instruments like drums, kazoos and shakers to march and play at the end of the day.

Thursday: Invention Convention - With DaVinci in mind, invent, design and create your own simple machines.

Friday: Things That Go Zoom! - Planes, trains, automobiles, boats and more!  Your chance to build that fantasy car, rocket or boat you’ve always dreamed of…