Youth Classes

Winter / Spring Digital Catalog

Parents, please note there will be no class February 19, March 26 – April 6 and May 28.

The Activity Bus drops of at The Center for the Arts around 3:15pm.

Students will be greeted and escorted by a staff member to their 3:45pm classes. 

Grades K - 2

Feeling Like Fantasy

Grades K-2

Aug 07 - 11 | MON - FRI | 9:00AM - 3:00PM

$235 Members
$282 Non-Members
Per day $50 Members | $60 Non-Members


Multi-Purpose Studio


Monday: FULL

Tuesday: Days of the Dinos - Have fun learning about and creating your own fossils, layers of the Earth and exciting features of our planet over time from volcanoes to old growth forests.

Wednesday: Myth and Magic - Create art all about magic and imaginary beasts, soaring to the skies on the wings of dragons and walking the earth with unicorns, Griffins and Centaurs to name a few.

Thursday: Pirates Play - Arrrg Matey... Shiver your timbers and set sail for an artistic adventure on the high seas complete with deserted islands, treasure maps, flags and hats.

Friday: Monster Madness - Calling all mixed media monsters, silly and slightly scary, large and small, come out in a day of creative sculpture and colorful collage.