Youth Classes

Winter / Spring Digital Catalog

Parents, please note there will be no regularly scheduled classes February 19, March 26 – April 6 or May 28.

The Activity Bus drops of at The Center for the Arts around 3:15pm.

Students will be greeted and escorted by a staff member to their 3:45pm classes. 

Grades 3 - 5

Funky Fibers Around The World

Grades 3-5

Aug 14 - 18 | MON - FRI | 9:00AM - 3:00PM

$250 Members
$300 Non-Members
Per day $55 Members | $66 Non-Members


Borshell Children’s Studio

Monday: Masks - No doubt that masks are fascinating! Every culture seemingly incorporates masks into ritual and celebration from Carnival to Chinese New Year, Day of the Dead to African Festima. Make your own incorporating textiles and colorful craft items.

Tuesday: Felting - Felt from wool is thought to be the world’s oldest textile. Learn how to shape wet felted wool into hanging tapestries and rolled beads to be strung together.

Wednesday: Handmade Creatures - Discuss traditions like Halloween, legendary characters and folklore to inspire hand sewn and stuffed designs such as monsters and owls using over-sized buttons, colorful stitches and felt.

Thursday: Batik/Tie-Dye - Explore dyeing techniques to transform natural cotton or silk into colorful flags or a tapestry to embellish with beads and embroidery.

Friday: Weaving the World Together - Mayan, African, Peruvian, Native American are just a few of the cultures known for their woven textiles. Weave and wrap your own colorful patterns using a wide array of yarns and beads. Traditional Navajo weaving will be introduced as an option to explore.