Youth Classes

Winter / Spring Digital Catalog

Parents, please note there will be no class February 19, March 26 – April 6 and May 28.

The Activity Bus drops of at The Center for the Arts around 3:15pm.

Students will be greeted and escorted by a staff member to their 3:45pm classes. 

Grades K - 2

Wild About Animals

Grades K-2

Jul 24 - 28 | MON - FRI | 9:00AM - 3:00PM

$235 Members
$282 Non-Members
Per day $50 Members | $60 Non-Members


Multi-Purpose Studio

A Collaboration with Whitney Wright and Dancers’ Workshop on 7/26 - 7/28

Monday: Take to the Skies - Repurpose materials and colorful craft items to build your own birdhouse and beautiful birds.

Tuesday: A Land of Ice and Snow - Chill out on the North or South Pole when you explore the unique life found there from incredible igloos to cool penguins and polar bears!

Wednesday: Desert Wanderings - Covering ⅓ of our planet’s surface and all seven continents, deserts are fascinating and the life within is extremely diverse. Tell your story as an animal surviving in such a unique environment. Discover movement with Dancers’ Workshop focused on line and pathways.

Thursday: Under The Sea - Pass over brilliant coral reefs, down to the bottom of the deepest oceans and back to your tropical island to make art inspired by this fantastic journey. Explore positive and negative space with Dancers’ Workshop.

Friday: Jungle Journey - Be immersed in a towering canopy of trees and the incredible animals that inhabit rainforests around the world. Build layer upon layer to make your own artsy habitats.  Shape is the magic word of the day for Dancers’ workshop explorations in movement.