Youth Classes

Grades K - 2

World Art

Grades K-2

Jul 03 - 07 | mon, WED - FRI | 9:00AM - 3:00PM

$200 Members
$240 Non-Members
Per day $50 Members | $60 Non-Members


Multi-Purpose Studio

Monday: Australia - Take a trip Down Under mate! Use Aboriginal art styles and colors to inspire your colors and designs incorporating the many interesting animals you discover!

Wednesday: Art of Asia - Imagine bamboo forests and koi fish ponds when you explore brush painting, stamping, printing, origami, and other creations using a variety of paper arts.

Thursday: The Americas - Art and craft rich in pattern, vibrant color and texture span North and South America, including Central America. Compare and contrast ancient pottery and textiles to inspire your own fanciful masterpieces.

Friday: Africa - Welcome to the wilds of Africa! Discover native art and culture in this roaring art expedition, from mystic masks to towering giraffes.