Upcoming Events

Holiday Bazaar

Fine Arts + Crafts Show | Shopping for the Holidays

Dec 09 | SAT | 9:00AM - 4:00PM


The Lodge at Jackson Hole Conference Center



Join The Art Association for our annual Holiday Bazaar! Located at The Lodge at Jackson Hole Conference Center. Shop for the Holidays and support LOCAL ART!

Jackson Hole Stillworks will be making holiday beverages and the Life Skills students from Jackson Hole Middle School will be selling holiday cards!

2017 Artists

Sue Thomas of Wild Hands
Brandi Reed of Silver Pencils
Elisa Davis of River Time Designs
Kathryn Holloway of Lovebird Paper
Sue Cedarholm of Inspired Wild Designs
Katie Ziem of Teton Alchemy
Lynn Hammond of Fish Creek Gardens
Severine Hagen
Jennifer McNaughton
Claudia Bueno of Alucik
Will Haywood of Haywood Crafts
Stevie Duren of Enchanted Silverworks
David Dahlin & Andrea Rico of Teton Tags
Elizabeth Boehm Photography
Simply Sweet Confections
Sue Tyler of Stylerart
Alyssa Beck of Teton Metals
Cynthia Stoetzer of Stoetzer Studios
Andrea Jane Artworks
Mike and Bonita Avery of Snake River Nets
Ashley Delonas of Mountain Girl Studios
Ben LaBrecque of LaBreque Glassworks
Michael Campbell of Campbell Woodworks
Kathleen Neiley of WyoWhy
Brett Christensen of BC Turning
Jared Lyman of Blind Dog Woodworks
Jeremy Kaiser of Wild Fire Crafts
Marina Kessler Jewelry
Lisa Walker Handmade
Sue Fleming Jewlery
Padgett Hoke
Courtney Leavell of Bird and Buffalo
Handmade in Jackson Hole by Yan Chan Olais
Cal brackin
Danny Blacker of Broken Arrow
Nick L. Nielson of Wood N Gourds
Wendy Hagedorn Jewelry
Chloe Brightman
Linda Trimmer
Renee Deitrich
Pamela Whitlock of Sosumi
Anna and Peter Moffat of Green Caterpillar
Linette Morley of Montana Rose Metal Art
Nancy Miller of Sea Star Fused Glass
Tracey Roberts of Alpaca Products