Photography Studio

The photography studio is equipped with a digital lab and darkroom. We offer weekly open studio Tuesdays 12:30 to 3:30pm to answer all your photography questions! Must be an Art Association Member and have a punch pass.

Lens Calibration Microadjustment
We offer microadjustment using the "Lensalign" system and the "Focus Tune" computerized program for selecting the optimal focus setting. Prime lenses take approximately one hour to calibrate and zoom lens approximately an hour and a half. Cost of prime lenses is $50 and cost of zoom lenses is $75 per lens. Email to set-up a date to calibrate our system.

Monitor Calibration 
Calibrate your monitor using the X-rite ColorMunki Display device. Cost of calibration is $50 for the first monitor and $25 for subsequent monitors at the same location. Email to set-up a date to calibrate your system.

Includes Mac computers, Creative Suite Software, scanners and printers (additional fee for each print made)

Includes chemicals, use of enlargers, film developing room and archival washers

Provides members and the community with additional opportunities to develop photographic skills through public presentations, workshops, and sharing skills, technique and photos. The Teton Photography Group meets the 3rd Monday of each month. For more information contact and visit