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Visiting Artist Workshop

Visiting Artist Workshop

Capturing the Expressive Qualities of the Alla Prima Portrait

Sep 09 - 12 | MON - THU | 9:00AM - 4:00PM

$625 Members
$750 Non-Members
+$50 Model Fee


Michelle Dunaway


Drawing, Painting & Printmaking Studio

Skill Level



Workshop participants should come prepared with oils and surfaces to work over 4 days in the studio.

This workshop will be a comprehensive study into painting the portrait “Alla Prima” in oils. Michelle will do a demonstration each morning while discussing the key elements that make up not only an accurate portrait, but a compelling portrait painting. The fundamentals of painting are key to achieving a solid effect of light and form in paint, but great portraiture goes beyond this and captures a sense of breath and aliveness in the finished painting.

Students will paint after the morning demo and Michelle will give individual help to each student as they work from a live model. She will not only advise on the current painting, but will help students as a whole achieve the next desired level in their work. All of the techniques of painting will be covered from drawing, composition, color, value and edges, as well as how to bring a portrait to a likeness and ultimately capture a sense of life in the finished painting.