Adult Classes

Visiting Artist Workshop

Making Jewelry by Shell Forming

Visiting Artist Betty Helen Longhi

Sep 19 - 22 | THU - SUN | 9:00AM - 4:30PM

$600 Members
$750 Non-Members


Multi-Purpose Studio

In this four-day workshop with visiting artist Betty Helen Longhi, you will learn the process of shell forming as a wonderful way to create three-dimensional structures for jewelry and sculpture from flat sheet metal. Using one hard tool, usually a hammer, and one resilient tool, a wood or plastic form, students will be taught to rapidly form sheet metal into desired shapes.

Betty Helen will cover the basic techniques of synclastic sinking, anticlastic raising and methods to make transitions from one form to another resulting in complex metal structures. Students will explore the fundamentals of sheet metal behavior and gain an understanding of the relationship between technique, tools and resulting forms. The emphasis of the workshop is to become comfortable with these skills so they can be applied to making designs from jewelry to sculptures. While learning these new techniques the students will also be able to make bracelets, pendants and earrings.

Metal supplies, tools, and a copy of Creative Metal Forming by Betty Helen Longhi and Cynthia Eid are included. A lunch break will be given during the daytime sessions.

Longhi's visit is sponsored by Jackson Hole Jewelry Company.