Youth Classes

The Activity Bus drops off at The Center at approximately 3:15pm. Students are greeted by staff and escorted to their 3:45pm classes. 

Youth Program Generously Supported by First Interstate Bank. 

Grades K - 2

Liquid Art Camp

Jul 29 - Aug 02 | MON - FRI | 9:00AM - 3:00PM

$285 Members
$342 Non-Members
$62 Drop-In Members
$75 Drop-In Non-Members

Join us for this new and innovative camp. Study the movement and pathways of water and other liquids before using them in your art. Campers will soak up the different ways water can be used in pictures, sculptures and more. Be sure to bring an extra set of clothes because this camp may drench you with fun!

Students may take this as a full week or a daily drop-in class. For children entering Kindergarten-2nd grade.