Past Exhibitions

Celestial-Terrestrial Convergence

Zolt Levay, Photographer

August 04 - 29 2017

Gallery Hours

MON- FRI: 8:30 - 5

This exhibit explores the connections between dramatic deep space photographs from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and powerful daytime and nighttime landscapes in photographs by Zolt Levay. It shows the beauty, grandeur and drama of nature at all scales and uncovers correspondences between familiar Earth-bound landscapes and the more exotic, unfamiliar vistas of the deep universe.  There are visual convergences of form and color, but also a more profound relationship between an appreciation of our home planet as our living environment, a tiny part of the vastly larger natural universe.

Levay's main work is to produce and publicize pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope. As a result, he is privileged to work with some of the most spectacular astronomical images ever. He has been fortunate to produce some of the most remarkable HST images, including the Hubble Ultra Deep FieldOrion NebulaTadpole GalaxyCone NebulaV838 MonHelix NebulaCarina NebulaM82, among many others. More recently he has also made some effort to combine Hubble's visible-light data with images from other wavelengths including NASA's other Great Observatorites, Chandra X-ray Observatory, and Spitzer Space Telescope, among others, to explore different ways to visualize the universe.