Past Exhibitions

Small Works: A Celebration of Art Association Members

February 01 - March 01 2019

Gallery Hours

Mon - Sat | 8:00am - 9:00pm
Sun | 9:00am - 7:00pm

Each year the Art Association celebrates our members’ talent while offering the community a chance to view and collect work from Jackson artists.

This year’s exhibit features small works 16 x 16 inches and smaller. This allowed Director of Exhibits and Programs Bronwyn Minton to accept up to three works from each Art Association member and display even more artists.

“The breadth of media in our community is amazing,” said Minton. “We are excited to celebrate everyone’s talent and membership by showcasing their work in this exhibit.”

The exhibition will display more than 150 works representing mediums from painting to beadwork to sculpture. Some members have been contributing to the show for many years, while this will be the first show for newer members. Many pieces are available for purchase. Participating artists include:

Agnes Bourne
Alexandra Thompson-Cole
Alison Arnold
Amy Unfried
Andrea Jane Artworks
Anne Newcomb
Bobbi Miller
Carlyn Hunter
Carole Liebzeit
Charlie Hawks
Christine Meytras
Christopher Rok
Craig Schwenker
David Watson
Deb Penk
Dee Parker
Diane Benefiel
Donna Dengler
Eliot Goss
Harriet Minczeski
Jennifer Libby Fay
Joannie Epstein
John Simms
Jon Stuart
Joseph Cipro
Jude Chilen
Judith Dragonette
June Nystrom
Karla Bird
Kay Stratman
Laurie Bay
Laurie Lamere
Laurie Thal & Daniel Altweis
Lawrence Bennett
Lorre Hoffman
Lou Hochheiser
Lucinda Abbe
Mae Orm
Maggie Hunt
Mary Lohuis
Mary McCarthy
Meg Reeves
Molly Moore
Mona Monroe
Nicole Gaitan
Nicolette Maw
Patricia Feltz
Peggy Prugh
Priscilla Sibson
Richard Tambor
Roberta Glidden
Rosie Rosenthal
Sada Crawford
Sally Byrne
Scott Greenig
Shannon Marie Schacht
Sharon Vinson
Shayna Powers
Sheila Tintera
Sue Cedarholm
Sue Kroll
Sue Tyler
Susan Grinels
Susan Marsh
Susan Rose
Sylvia R. M. Peterson
Thais Graham
Tracy Lamb
Trish Powell
Zhen-Wei Huang

Pick up dates for submitted art: Monday, March 4 - Friday, March, 8 from 9am-5pm.