Borshell Children’s Studio

3rd Floor

The Art Association's Borshell Studio is located on the 3rd floor. Our youth art programs encourage creativity and self-expression through supervised art exploration in a safe and supportive environment. In each program our professional and caring instructors give students individual instruction working on projects within the students capacity and at an age appropriate level. In order to assure a positive and successful experience we ask that caregivers please abide by age restrictions.  

Linda MacGregor Ceramics Studio

Ground Floor

The Linda MacGregor Ceramics Studio is located on the first floor at the South End of the Center for the Arts. A 2,050 square foot studio equipped with all necessary tools and equipment for wheel-thrown, hand-built, slip cast, or sculptural ceramics. The studio has 3 roll-up bay doors to allow easy loading of large work and a fantastic way to enjoy the warm summer air. Equipment includes 1 4"x4" Northstar extruder, 1 - 24” x 48” Northstar slab roller, 11 electric wheels of various makes, an Axner 4" pug mill, 3 electric kilns, 2 gas downdraft kilns, 1 soda kiln, and a Raku kiln. OPEN STUDIO INFO Our studio primarily fires to cone 10 reduction in our 2 downdraft natural gas kilns and can also fire to cone 6 oxidation in the electric kilns. We have many clays available for sale from Laguna including Dave's Porcelain, BMIX, Stony White, Light Cedar, Death Valley Red, and Dark Brown. We also pug and sell recycled clay made from a combination of the clays above. New clay is $25 per 25-pound bag and the recycled is $20 per 30-35 pound bag when available. No outside clay is allowed in our studio without the expressed permission of the ceramics lab techs.

Drawing, Painting & Printmaking Studio

3rd Floor

Our 1,750 square foot drawing, painting, and printmaking studio is located on the third floor of the Center for the Arts. This spacious studio has high ceilings, two large-scale skylights and two sinks with traps.  

Multi-Purpose Studio

2nd Floor

The 1,700 square foot multi-purpose studio is located above the ceramics studio at the south end of the Art Association on South Glenwood. It is equipped with 4 large garage doors for moving large pieces through or for additional ventilation, a well stocked silversmithing area, a small woodworking area and tools for steel fabrication. A safety orientation/walkthrough must be performed prior to using this studio. Email Sam Dowd

Photography, Video & Digital Arts Studio

3rd Floor

Located on the third floor of the Center for the Arts, the Photography, Video & Digital Arts studio is equipped with a 450 square foot digital lab and a 500 square foot traditional darkroom. The digital lab is equipped with a film/document scanner, inkjet photo printer, and iMac computers with industry standard software. Our traditional darkroom has eight enlargers and can handle film up to 4”5”.

Silversmithing Studio

Multi-Purpose Studio, 2nd Floor

The silversmith area is located within our 1,700 square foot Multi-Purpose Studio. It comprises a 500 square foot area containing 6 workbenches, a ventilation system, and various specialized tools and equipment. The studio is accessible by Art Association members provided they have taken silversmithing classes or already have metalsmith experience.