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Drawing Intro

Beginning Drawing Topics

Apr 09 - 30 | mon | 6:00PM - 8:00PM

$137 Members
$164 Non-Members
$35 Drop-In Members
$45 Drop-In Non-Members


Jina Kim


Drawing, Painting & Printmaking Studio

Designed for the students who have no experience in painting or drawing but want to create their own paintings. Students will learn how to begin drawing and the basic techniques that will help them draw other complex objects or people in the future.

April 9- Begin by learning how to best control your pencil for drawing, followed by how to make a value scale and a gradation scale.
April 16- Shading and adding values to the basic shapes I. (Square)
April 23- Shading and adding values to the basic shapes II. (Sphere)
April 30- Drawing tubes and putting your skills together!