Art Fair Jackson Hole: Artisan-Crafted Goods Right in Your Backyard

By: Emma Keinath-Lopez

August 17, 2023

Jackson Hole is a town that draws countless outdoor recreation enthusiasts, naturalists, sight-seers, and artists! Some may be surprised to find that Jackson is a hub for the arts community, but many folks who have experienced this place know of the special power of both the environment and the community that makes Jackson a place ...

Plein Air is Plain Amazing!

By: Emma Keinath-Lopez

August 03, 2023

On August 1st, the Teton Plein Air Painters met at the Gros Ventre Cliffs in Kelly, WY to set up their easels and paint the diverse landscape surrounding them. The cliffs are depicted in oranges, tans, and reds, while the conifers inspire deep earthy greens. The river meanders through the landscape and the canvas, a ...

Pride Month: Celebrating Art as an Activity for All

By: Emma Keinath-Lopez

June 29, 2023

People of all ages, ethnicities, races, and sexualities engage with art daily. The beauty of the practice is that one can safely explore with uninhibited creation. Many people engage with different mediums as a way to dive deeper into understanding themselves, as well as making sense of the world around them. This June we celebrated ...

Partnership with Teton ArtLab: Uncommon Artists

By: Emma Keinath-Lopez

June 20, 2023

Jackson is a community that has a global influence with a local focus. Teton ArtLab, a project transformed into a nonprofit, has been around since 2008 and was founded by Travis Walker and Tristan Greszko. The project emerged as a way to provide affordable studio and exhibition space for artists in one of the nation’s ...

How to Get the Most out of Your Membership

By: Emma Keinath-Lopez

May 15, 2023

Are you wanting to get more involved with your local arts community? Well, look no further! Membership at the Art Association of Jackson Hole is a fantastic way to do just that, all the while supporting impactful work that is dedicated to bringing art education opportunities to everyone in our Jackson community. Our members enjoy ...

Art Association Members: A Community that Grows Together

By: Emma Keinath-Lopez

May 04, 2023

Strong communities are vital. When people come together in shared purpose and joy, they not only feel their best, but also enrich the greater whole. Vibrant communities foster a social connection that improves mental health and inspires a mindset of growth and support. The Art Association of Jackson Hole is the oldest community in the ...

Dahee Kim: A New Instructor with Unique Perspectives

By: Emma Keinath-Lopez

April 11, 2023

Dahee Kim, “김다희” in Korean, taught the very first ceramics class I took at the Art Association of Jackson Hole. She uses a method called “throwing off the hump” which basically means you start with a large amount of clay and make your piece on top of that large mound. This technique is relatively uncommon, ...

A Closer Look at Snow: Scotty Craighead

By: Emma Keinath-Lopez

March 13, 2023

By: Emma Keinath-Lopez Art Association of Jackson Hole board chair Scotty Craighead is more than an influential figure at the Association. He is also an avid artist who, like many here in Jackson, is captivated by the raw beauty of this wild place. Through mixed media, he captures images of this place in a way ...

Designing Things, Places, and the World: Agnes Bourne

By: Emma Keinath-Lopez

February 28, 2023

Art Association of Jackson Hole board member Agnes Bourne was three years old when she designed her very first home. I haven’t seen this design, but through Bourne’s vivid descriptions, it easily became my favorite of her work. Complete with an entry room, hallway, community room, and a bedroom, all the essentials were there. There ...

Kids Brains on Art: How Art Benefits Youth Development

By: Emma Keinath-Lopez

February 07, 2023

Children’s brains are like sponges. Studies show that between the ages of 2-7, children’s brains absorb information quite rapidly. Throughout formal education, youth are bombarded with new ideas in all different subjects. This period of absorption is critical for development, but so is the act of releasing. It can be an incredibly cathartic and empowering ...

From Elk Crackers to a Thriving Arts Community: The History and Legacy of the Art Association

By: Emma Keinath-Lopez

January 09, 2023

This year, 2023, is the 60th anniversary of the Art Association. Before diving into where we are today, the progression and growth of the Art Association is better shown through time travel. Let’s go back in time when the town of Jackson looked very different than it does today. The “winters of elk and crackers,” ...