Adult Classes


Teton Photography Group – Informal Critique and Comments

Jun 12 | mon | 6:00PM - 7:30PM

Free for Members!


Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates 80 W Broadway

The Teton Photography Group image discussion and critique sessions are friends getting together and having informal, helpful, and detailed discussion of images from all levels of photographers – beginners and newcomers to professionals. The sessions are friendly, gentle, informative, and helpful for all photographers.

We often discuss subject selection, composition, technique, and post-processing. The intent is for everyone to come away with ideas for making better images.

Bring 3-5 images on a thumb drive for critique / discussion and group editing. Bring JPEGs if you want only discussion and critique only but bring RAW files if you want to participate in group editing of the image.

The sessions are fun and some of the most productive learning time for all levels of photographers.

There are no “bad” images and everyone learns from one another. Previous sessions have been acclaimed by members at all levels, from beginner to professional, as the best learning sessions of the year.