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Art in Translation

Art Celebration

Apr 29 | SAT | 5:30PM


Art Association, 240 S. Glenwood Street



Art in Translation is a collaborative exhibition series which will include guest artists and education programs for the Latino community in Jackson, specifically those who have ties to the Tlaxcala region in Mexico. The next phase of this exciting series will be a community reception on April 29 to showcase art pieces created by three different Mexican artists with the help of community members from Jackson.

One of these pieces will be a video featuring the parallel landscapes shared by Jackson and Tlaxcala. Artist Edgardo Aragón's pieces are slowly narrated stories, detailing the description of a memory or the reconstruction of a personal experience which points to some of the darkest sides of social and economic reality.” (Cecilia Delgado Masse). Aragón will be working with Angel Ramos from Hoback Junction. The video will feature some of Angel’s experiences working to integrate into the Jackson community and still maintain connections with his hometown.

The second art piece will feature housing, shelter, and territory issues in Jackson. The artist will be Sandra Calvo whose “artistic practice is social, collaborative and site specific." Calvo will work with Carmina and Jorge Moreno from One22 to design an installation piece that reflects housing challenges and the people impacted.

The third piece will have both visual and performance pieces. Verónica Gerber will work with Patti Rocha to develop a radio program in both English and Spanish. The idea is to share similar stories in English and in Spanish.