Upcoming Exhibitions

Upper Snake River Basin

January 22 - February 26 2016

Gallery Hours

Mon - Sat | 8:00am - 9:00pm
Sun | 9:00am - 7:00pm

The exhibition consists of three separate bodies of work with three differing responses and presentation methods to three different river systems located within the Upper Snake River Basin. Clark works in a traditional manner (large format, black-and-white, matted and framed prints) to pay homage and reverence to a place. Long creates extremely large-scale panoramic photography installations to provide an immersive experience. Sherwin uses a combination of still life, mapping, book making, video and sound to help document and share his encounters of a place. Our hope is that the combination of regional subject matter coupled with three unique approaches to photography will engage patrons, provide them with an aesthetic experience, and help expand their understanding of what photography is and can be. We also believe this exhibition will help inspire, educate and encourage responsible stewardship of a significant river system in the American West - The Upper Snake.


Participating Collaborators