How to Get the Most out of Your Membership

May 15, 2023

Are you wanting to get more involved with your local arts community? Well, look no further! Membership at the Art Association of Jackson Hole is a fantastic way to do just that, all the while supporting impactful work that is dedicated to bringing art education opportunities to everyone in our Jackson community. Our members enjoy a number of fantastic perks, and we’re excited to talk about how to get the most out of your membership (and if you’re not a member – why you should become one!

1. Discounts on classes

If you are an avid class-taker or would like to be, 10% off can make a huge difference! If you take more than one class a year, your family or individual membership usually pays for itself! The discount is also super helpful for parents that sign their kiddos up for multiple classes each year. Just make sure you use your code at checkout! We have a large variety of classes that change month to month, so always keep your eyes out for our newsletter or check our class pages.

2. Discounts on store purchases

We are proud to have the only art supply store in Jackson, and what’s better than shopping at your favorite local nonprofit? Be sure to inform the cashier of your membership at checkout to receive 10% off. The Art Supply Store has watercolor, oil, acrylic paints, and brushes. We also have a variety of pencils, calligraphy, pens, charcoal, printmaking, canvases, ceramics, india ink, coloring books, how-to books, kids supplies, and so much more! With new items constantly being stocked, be sure to come by to check in and also to say hello!


3. Access our Studios

Don’t have your own workplace or the necessary supplies at home? Want a change of scenery for inspiration? Well, you’re in luck! We have 5 studios that can be accessed during the duration of your class or with an open studio pass. Open studio passes are only available if you are a member, and trust us you’ll definitely want to spend some time outside of class in these spaces.

Linda McGregor Ceramics Studio: Located on the first floor at the south end of the Center for the Arts building. The 2,050 square foot studio is equipped with twelve wheels, a slab roller and an extruder. Our studio primarily fires to Cone 10 reduction in our two downdraft natural gas kilns and can also fire to Cone 6 oxidation in the electric kilns. Many clays are available for purchase in this studio!

Painting, Drawing and Printmaking Studio: Located on the third floor of the Center for the Arts building. This 1,750 square foot studio includes easels, drawing horses, and still life materials. Our printmaking area includes a Takach press, an exposure unit, a T-shirt screen printing station, and various other printmaking tools/materials. 

Multi-Purpose Studio: Located above the Ceramics Studio at the south end of the Art Association on South Glenwood. This 1,700 square foot studio is equipped with 4 large garage doors for moving large pieces through or for additional ventilation, a silversmithing area, a small woodworking area and a glass kiln.

Photography and Digital Arts Studio: Located on the third floor of the Center for the Arts building. The 450 square foot digital lab is equipped with a film/document scanner, inkjet photo printer, and iMac computers with industry standard software including Adobe Creative Suite. The 500 square foot traditional darkroom includes processing chemicals, use of enlargers, film developing room, and archival washers.

Borshell Children’s Studio: Located on the third floor of the Center for the Arts building directly next to the Art Association offices. This bright studio is equipped with youth focused supplies and materials.


4. Participation in the Annual Members’ Show & Sale

This annual show is one of the most exciting exhibitions of the year. We are proud of our talented member community and we love to showcase their work as well as making it available for sale. The Annual Members’ Show and Sale is only open to members of the Art Association, so take advantage of this great opportunity to share your work! This year’s show is currently on exhibition, so be sure to stop by. Thank you to everyone who contributed this year, and if you didn’t we hope you do next year!

5. Become listed in the Artist Directory

If you are an artist who wants your work easily accessed, you can have your profile listed on the Artist Directory for free! This page is a great place for folks to find you as well as your website, social media, Etsy, or any place where you show and sell your work.

6. Swanky Lounge Access

Did you know that we have a super cool lounge and Art Resource Library space on the second floor of our gallery? This space is amazing for getting in some reading, studying, or peace and quiet. We also usually have artwork on display, so you can sit and ponder the meaning of art or life while relaxing on an incredibly comfortable couch. The gallery is open from 10am-4pm daily!


7. Being a part of a dynamic creative community

The most wholesome perk of being a member of the Art Association of Jackson Hole is the community it creates. When people join something, they are showing their mutual support. Our community of members value the process of making art together and understands the importance of art education for all. This is a powerful message that binds us together and provides the dual benefits of supporting each other as artists as well as the philanthropic mission of providing art education to everyone in our community here in Jackson Hole.

If you are a member, we hope that you feel supported and informed. If you are not a member yet, we encourage you to join us in all of our fun! Membership is a fantastic way to be a part of a growing artistic community as well as supporting the Art Association of Jackson Hole. If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact Emma our Membership Coordinator at!