Past Exhibitions

Artist Directory Showcase

October 18 - November 11 2021

Gallery Hours

Mon - Sat | 8:00am - 9:00pm
Sun | 9:00am - 7:00pm

In the Art Association gallery October 18 - November 11, this exhibit showcases work created by artists in the Art Association's Artist Directory. A diverse display of artwork, including sculpture, oils, pastel, figure work, and more, the exhibit highlights the talent and spectrum of arts created here in Jackson and beyond. Each artist displays up to four paintings, with the majority of pieces available for purchase by contacting Jen Hoffman or calling 307.733.6379 ext. 2

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Participating artists:
Jill Auerbach, Kris Batchelder, Carol Bocker, Judith Dragonette, Katy Ann Fox, Christy Fuller, Eliot Goss, Natalie Goss, Stephanie Howell, Carlyn Hunter, Laurie LaMere, Susan Marsh, Nicolette Maw, Christine Meytras, Molly Moore, Anne Newcomb, Peggy Prugh, Kathryn Sobieski, and Sue Tyler.