Past Exhibitions

Taking Flight: 2024 Members' Show & Sale

April 15 - May 24 2024

Gallery Hours

MON - FRI | 10am - 5:30pm

"Taking Flight" features more than 60 original works created over the past year by Art Association members of all ages and experience. Art Association Members were invited to submit artwork for the Art Association’s annual exhibition and celebration of our members’ creativity. This year’s theme is “Taking Flight.” The show includes work in any medium that explores the idea of taking flight. Participants were encouraged to interpret this concept in out of the box ways beyond the literal. In addition to artwork about or inspired by birds, pieces explore how making art can help the artist “find their wings,” metaphorical, allegorical, or symbolic interpretations, mythology, cultural exploration, and much more. All works are available for purchase.

“Taking Flight” participants include Jill Auerbach, Kris Batchelder, Carol Bocker, Joseph Cipro, Judith Dragonette, Susan Durfee, Joannie Epstein, Patricia Feltz, Jonathan Fifles, Christy Fuller, Ron Gessler, Roberta Glidden, Eliot Goss, Karmen Heckathorn, Carlyn Hunter, Lisa Laurie, Mary Lohuis,. Lokey Lytjen, Susan Marsh, Mitchell McClosky, Carin McConaughey-Munn, Christine Meytras, Anne Newcomb, Elaina Oliver, Karen Koykka O’Neal, Sandy Ostdiek, Dee Parker, Miga Rossetti, Deb Sanders, Shantal Santoyo, Catherine Smith, Rachel Smith, Jon Stuart, Richard Tambor, Tenley Thompson, Sue Tyler, Amy Unfried, Lorelei Wakefield, Anika Youcha, and Judith Zimmerman.

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Carin McConaughy Munn Away, 2024